Joining the NSRCA

joinIf you'd like to join the NSRCA you must register on the website first.  Once you've registered on the website you will see a JOIN menu item show up on the main page.  To register, please click on the picture to the left or on the REGISTER link at the top right hand side of the page.  If you do not want to use Paypal to join you can download the membership form by clicking here and mailing it to the NSRCA Secretary, however, we still need you to register on the website.

K-Factor Download Available

currentYou now have your choice of regular (approximately a 5MB download) or High-def (ranges from 20MB - 36MB) downloads, both in full color.  Make sure to sign in to the website in order to download either of them.  Click on the picture to the left to take you straight to the download area.

Upcoming Events

Sat Aug 02 @ 8:30AM - 03:00PM
Western Canadian Pattern Championships
Sat Aug 09 @12:00AM
Can Am
Sat Aug 09 @12:00AM
Weak Signal
Sat Aug 09 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Miramar Pattern Contest
Sat Aug 09 @ 9:00AM - 12:00AM
Omahawks Pattern Contest

Who's Online

Who's Online!