District 2

 District 2 Vice President:

Now that 2018 is upon us, the cycle can begin again.  Our 'current' schedule (subject to change) is posted below.  There have also been some changes to our Championship guidelines as well for the year, so please look them over.  Don't forget that the K-Factor now accepts classified ads., for those that are looking to buy or sell items they own; second hand, of course. 

We have some Shootouts planned for D2 this year, with our neighbors froim D1 and D3, noted below.  We will develop a scoring system with the two respective District VP's, so try to get these on your calendar!  As you probably know by now, D2 acquired the states of Maryland and Delaware last year by pilot majority vote.  There are ~3 in MD, and none that I'm aware of in DE.  That should sound like opportunities!  Hopefully, we can generate some interest in those states.  

 I'll continue to host quarterly D2 Leadership Team (LT) teleconferences to keep things organized in the district, and folks updated on changes.  All of our CD's are strongly encouraged to attend, but it's open to anyone flying pattern in D2.  Details are available when you contact me (email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m)

                                                                                                                 2018 Contest Schedule     


March 24  Judging Seminar (DS)

April 14-15  Green Sea SC (MM)

May 5-6 Monroe NC (TP)

May 19-20 FARM VA (DM)

**June 2-3 Andersonville GA D1/D3 Shootout

June 9-10 Harrisonburg VA (JV)

July 15-19 NATS,Muncie

August 25-26 Culpeper VA (JR)

**September 29-30 Hollywood MD (CM) D1/D2 Shootout

**September 8-9 or15-16 Mocksville NC (??) - Johnny will reach out to Phil Vance, Tom Miller, and perhaps Terry Darr, and let us know

October 20-21 Green Sea SC (GA)



2017 Championship determination

NSRCA District 2 Championship Eligibility Guidelines 

1.     The purpose of NSRCA District 2 Championship awards is to encourage pilots to attend as many District 2 contests per year as possible.

2.     Only NSRCA District 2 members are eligible for Championship recognition.

3.     Pilots must pay for contest registration in person, and  have current up-to-date NSRCA District 2 membership at the time of a contest to receive credit.

4.     Points per contest per class are awarded; 4 points for first place, 3 points for second place, 2 points for third place and 1 point for all positions below third place.

5.     Double points are awarded for attending the annual District 2 Championship Contest, if one is designated.

6.     All contests count for the year, i.e. contests before, after, and including the Championship contest are counted for the year.

7.     Points earned at one contest outside of District 2 will be counted per year.  If more than one contest is attended outside of District 2, only the first contest of the year is counted.

8.     The Nats Contest will not count.

9.     In the event of a class tie, the pilot who attended the most District 2 contests will be declared the winner.  If a tie remains, the number of pilots beaten through the season will determine the winner

10.  All District 2 resident pilots; NSRCA members and non-members, are listed in the Championship Standings to encourage the non-NSRCA pilots to become members.