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District 5

Illinois - Iowa - Kansas - Minnesota - Missouri - Nebraska
North Dakota - South Dakota - Wisconsin

The Vince Bortone Pattern Primer will be held at the Lake Hillsdale Flying field on May 12.  Further information will be forthcoming.

 Congratulations to District 5 members for participating in the 2017 Nats.  Jim West and Jan Jansen flew in the Intermediate.  Mark Barnett flew in the Advanced.  The Masters were well represented by Robert Green (5th), Vince Bortone (8th), Evan Kraus (11th), Mike Mueller (12th),                              Joe Dunnaway (16th), Robert Satalino (17th), The FA#A was represented by Dan Lanis and Christopher Gini.





2017 Champions

 Champions for 2017:

Sportsman-  Lynn Richardson

Intermediate- Bob Wheeler

Advanced- Mark Barnett

Masters- Vince Bortone

FAI- Bill Ahrens


Congrats to our Champions for 2017

Thanks to all of the fliers at our many events for 2017.  A special thanks go to the CDs of each of the events and to the club members who supported the CDs in managing the contests.