As we get additional information about the Nationals (sanction #8700), we'll post it here.


NATS Information - From Monte Richard (Nats Event Director)

As we head towards the 2019 Pattern Nationals, here are some articles and information intended to inform and entice you to attend this very special event. I will continue to add information and articles as we draw closer to the Nationals, so check back to see what is coming.


As the Event Director for the 2019 Nationals, along with the Event Logistics Coordinator Mike Harrison, we would like to personally invite you to attend and compete at the 2019 Pattern Nationals. We are both working hard, along with a very dedicated crew of volunteers, to make this a Great Nationals that you will remember. The competition will be tuff, and intended to bring out the very best flying competition. The social events will be fun and informative. The whole event is being planned to the minutest detail for your enjoyment, but remember it is your participation that ultimately makes it great for everyone.


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2019 Nats Entrance Map - 2019 Nats Entrance Map This map shows the entrance to the AFB, Meeting Hall, Plane processing area, hospitality tent area and the entrance gate to the field.

2019 Nats Site Locations Map - 2019 Nats Site Locations Map This map shows the access form the entrance gate and plane processing area to Sites 1, 2, &3, as well as directions to the practice sites.

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 2019 Pattern Nationals AMA Sanction #8700 - 2019 AMA Pattern Nats Sanction # 8700 

The address to put into your GPS to get to the RC Aerobatic Nationals at Eaker Air Force Base, Arkansas Aeroplex is:

4701 Memorial Drive

Blytheville, Arkansas 72315