32nd RMFM Roadrunner Classic Download as iCal file
From Saturday, September 16, 2017 -  08:00am
To Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 02:00pm
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Location : RMFM Club Field
Kitty Hawk Road

On I-40 take exit 140. From the east you will go through the gas station and take the dirt road to the north. Turn right at the RMFM sign and follow the track around to the gate at the field entrance. From the west you must take the overpass after exiting to get to the north side gas station.

This will be the 32nd consecutive edition of the Roadrunner Classic with a planned six rounds. We will be flying all classes(Sportsman through F3A). If there is enough demand there will be an F3A Silver class offered. F3A will fly P17 on Sunday if the pilots agree to do so.

Sportsman can fly any AMA legel plane up to 30pounds.

There will be a buffet supper and drinks Saturday evening. More details will be available closer to the contest.

Contact : John Gayer 623-986-8206 

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Results URL: https://www.nsrca.us/images/contest_results/2017/D6/RoadRunner/contestResults.xml
Event Flyer: Roadrunner flyer
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John Gayer
'2017-04-24 09:57' John Gayer 75102 F3A SS
William L Bancroft
'2017-04-27 14:07' William L Bancroft 94062 Sportsman 2.4
Joe Pirozzoli
'2017-08-08 16:06' Joe Pirozzoli 4528 F3A 2.4
Daniel Underkofler
'2017-08-09 08:32' Daniel Underkofler 9015 F3A 2.4
Scott Wait
'2017-08-15 06:35' Scott Wait 801227 Masters 2.4
Bill Grey
'2017-08-31 17:00' Bill Grey L575 Advanced 2.4
Gary P. Switala
'2017-09-01 09:42' Gary P. Switala 6234 Masters often
Jeffrey W. Carder
'2017-09-02 09:18' Jeffrey W. Carder 237148 Masters 2.4
William J (Bill) Peck
'2017-09-07 18:18' William J (Bill) Peck 38940 Sportsman 2,4 GHz
Lanny Hansen
'2017-09-12 20:14' Lanny Hansen 2307 Advanced 2.4
Kent E Paul
'2017-09-13 16:40' Kent E Paul 668070 Advanced 2.4
Mike Finnigan
'2017-09-14 20:32' Mike Finnigan 78962 Advanced 2.4
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