NATS Information - From Al Glenn (Nats Event Director)


Information has been posted with regard to contestant information, flight order and judging assignments.  This information WILL probably change prior to the event starting on Monday July 11, so please double check the posted assignments and flight orders that will be available at each flight line the day of the event.  Don't assume that your flight order and judging assignments will stay the same as you see posted here.


With the number of pilots, and more importantly, the number of judges, we will be flying Masters and FAI classes in a matrix format.  For FAI, we will carry 20 (estimate) pilots into the Semi-Finals and 8 pilots into the Finals.


1.  All aircraft will need to be processed prior to the Pilots Meeting at 5:00PM on Sunday July 9th.

2.  Per the rules, you will only be allowed to process two aircraft but an unlimited number of batteries.

3.  Per the rules, all aircraft will be weighed as ready to fly including batteries.  Glow aircraft will weigh ready to fly minus fuel.

4.  Please plan to stay after the Pilots Meeting for just a little bit.  The NSRCA BoD will hold a short Q&A session intended to allow the membership to ask questions and get answers from the board.  Jon Carter, President of the NSRCA, will be leading the discussion.  This is your time to speak up and have face-to-face time with the board.


The overall schedule for this year's NATS is as follows:


Saturday July 9:

  • Check-in and aircraft processing - 12pm to 4pm

Sunday July 10:

  • Check-in and aircraft processing - 8am to 4pm
  • Courtesy weights and measures at the Mcullough Center next to the Museum.  8am to 4pm
  • Pilots Meeting and Ice Cream Social:  5pm at big tent near site 3

Monday-Wednesday July 11 - 13:

  • 8am - All FAI pilots flying at Site 1 and Site 3 (NOTE: 9am start time for F3A Semi-Finals)
  • 8am - Intermediate class at Site 4
  • 1pm - All Masters pilots at Site 1 and Site 3
  • 1pm - Advanced class at Site 4


Wednesday July 13:

  • 6pm - Banquet and awards for Intermediate and Advanced
  • 8pm - Finalists for Masters and FAI announced


Thursday July 14:

  • FAI Finals at Site 1
  • Masters will be flying a 4 round finals contest - best 3 of 4 to count
  • Awards for FAI and Masters will be handed out at a ceremony after the FAI Finals Thursday afternoon

This schedule will have each person judging once plus volunteers for the FAI Finals.  Keep in mind that these schedules could change due to drop-outs.  The final flight schedules will be known after the Pilots Meeting on Sunday, July 10.


The following information is for the 2016 AMA Precision Aerobatics Nationals.  Please click on the document to display the information.  If you click the NATS logo above you'll be taken to the AMA NATS News page.  NOTE - The following links are for information that we hope to provide as it becomes available.  If you click a link and get an Error page, it simply means the information is not yet available.

Judging Assignments

Flight Orders

Semi-Finals and Finals Flight Orders

F3A Unknowns


Results will be posted after the day's flights have been completed.