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NSRCA D4 Championships Download as iCal file
From Friday, September 25, 2020 -  08:00am
To Sunday, September 27, 2020 - 05:00pm
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Location : International Aeromodeling Center (IAC)
5151 East Memorial Drive

All are invited, and welcome to the Annual D4 District Championship Pattern Contest.  This event will run concurrently with the US Team Selection Contest in Muncie IN, at the International Aeromodeleing Complex (IAC), although it is sanctioned as a separate event.  Traditional AMA classes will  be offered, so sign up as you would for any other Pattern event.  

Most should know the layout and ropes of the Muncie facility.  Due to conflicts with a (planned) Ball State football game on Saturday, and the ongoing Covid - 19 restrictions, make your travel arrangements early!  The details of this event are evolving as to the event format, and flying site locations, so updates will be posted periodically, and certainly on the D4 Facebook page.  You can always contact the CD Matt Finley, at the email address provided.  

Contact : Matt Finley 

CD EMail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Timothy Pritchett
'2020-07-21 10:33' Timothy Pritchett Masters telemondo
Matthew E Finley
'2020-07-21 12:12' Matthew E Finley Masters 2.4
JT Snider Advanced 2.4
Bryan Finley Advanced 2.4
Brenner Martin Sharp
'2020-07-21 18:43' Brenner Martin Sharp F3A 2.4
Robert Green
'2020-07-22 04:08' Robert Green Masters 2.4
Daniel Underkofler
'2020-07-23 06:35' Daniel Underkofler F3A 2.4
Mark Barnett
'2020-07-24 12:18' Mark Barnett F3A 2.4
Jerry Budd
'2020-08-24 09:03' Jerry Budd Masters 2.4
Arthur "Ray" Morton
'2020-08-31 08:19' Arthur "Ray" Morton F3A SS
John E Wolfe
'2020-09-02 11:51' John E Wolfe Masters FASTest
Carlos (Charlie) Barrera
'2020-09-18 21:46' Carlos (Charlie) Barrera Masters 2.4ghz
Rick Sweeney (unconfirmed)
'2020-07-21 13:43' Rick Sweeney Masters 2.4
Steve Stricker (unconfirmed)
'2020-07-22 17:30' Steve Stricker Advanced 2.4
Jonathan Mowrey (unconfirmed)
'2020-07-23 20:25' Jonathan Mowrey Masters 2.4
Louis A. Matustik III (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-05 14:04' Louis A. Matustik III Masters 2.4
Gary Courtney (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-24 14:52' Gary Courtney Masters SS
Andrew Jesky (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-24 15:14' Andrew Jesky F3A 2.4
Mark Atwood (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-24 22:07' Mark Atwood Masters SS
Mitchell Cherry (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 07:07' Mitchell Cherry Advanced 2.4
Brenner Sharp (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 11:18' Brenner Sharp F3A 2.4
Mike Gaishin (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 11:19' Mike Gaishin Advanced 2.4
Charles Edwards (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 11:27' Charles Edwards Masters 2.4
Lewis McNickle (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 12:28' Lewis McNickle Advanced 2.4
Michael Dorna (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-25 14:31' Michael Dorna Masters 2.4
Robert Kane (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-29 20:12' Robert Kane Masters 2.4
Steve Stricker (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-31 17:38' Steve Stricker Advanced 2.4
Jeffrey s Reighard (unconfirmed)
'2020-08-31 18:31' Jeffrey s Reighard Advanced 2.4
joe winterrowd (unconfirmed)
'2020-09-07 18:14' joe winterrowd Intermediate 2.4
Jim Kimbro (unconfirmed)
'2020-09-08 19:31' Jim Kimbro F3A 2.4
Robert G Satalino (unconfirmed)
'2020-09-09 15:00' Robert G Satalino Masters 2.4
Mike Murphy (unconfirmed)
'2020-09-09 18:21' Mike Murphy Advanced 2.4
Dave Johnstone (unconfirmed)
'2020-09-10 07:17' Dave Johnstone Masters 2.4
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