The official aerobatic sequence of maneuvers for indoor RC aerobatics is provided by FAI for F3P.  Two classes (categories) are offered for F3P: Advanced and the main F3P class.  Unlike the Advanced AA class, the F3P class contains two schedules, one for preliminary rounds, designated as AP-##, and one for final rounds, designated as AF-##.   The purpose for having two schedules in F3P is similar to the outdoor equivalent class of F3A: to have a round at large contests that reduces the total number of pilots to the top/best pilots to enter the finals’ round. A copy of all of these sequences can be found within the Sequences section of this NSRCA web site. 

   NEW for 2022-2023:
  Current 2022 F3P sequences are located on the FAI web site.   PDF files can be found at .  Within the PRESENTATIONS IN PDF FORMAT section, click on the F3P Material down-arrow the show the list applicatble to F3P sequences.  The F3P categories are essentially A-23 Advanced,  Preminary P-23 and Final Schedule F-23 are both part of the indoor class equivalent to FAI F3A, and AFM is the class for aerobatic sequences of your choice flonw to music of your choice.

  Here are links to the current F3P sequence cycle noted within the NSRCA site for 2022-2023 cycle:

F3P-AA-23, Advanced (

F3P-AP-23, Preliminary F3P (

F3P-AF-23, Final F3P (

  Some F3P indoor RC aerobatic contest events also offer an Intermediate class for beginner pilots where models typically weight 100 or more grams total flying weight.  Maneuvers in this class are generally simpler to do that the F3P AA-23 Advanced class previously mentioned here.

   Maneuver descriptions, Aresti diagrams, and helpful power point files are also available within this NSRCA site on the main sequences page of

   One important reminder: FAI changes their sequences every two years.  Pilots need to check which sequences will be flown in competition at least every two years.  Part of the sequence designation notates which is the last year the sequence is good for.  For example, the sequences for the current two-year period of 2022-2023 are identified as -23 in the designations of AA-23, AP-23, and AF-23.

    At the moment, there is no AMA or FAI identified beginner level official sequence.  However, on several occasions, local contest directors have offered at their events some form of beginners-level sequence, which could be labeled as novice class, sportsman, or intermediate class.  The maneuvers are most definitely simpler than FAI’s advance class for F3P.  Here are two example sequences that have been offered in the past.

    The first sequence is simplest and is recommended for all sportsman and beginner pilots to start with. Each maneuver is done centered in front of the judges as there are no turn-around maneuvers included in this sequence. Here it is:

1) Take Off Sequence

2) Cuban 8

3) Cobra

4) Knife Edge

5) Two-Point Roll

6) Stall Turn

7) One Loop

8) Landing Sequence

    The second sequence is slightly harder and includes turnaround maneuvers. Here it is:

1) Take Off sequence

2) Square Loop

3) Stall Turn, ½ Roll Up, Exit Inverted

4) Outside Loop from bottom, Exit Inverted

5) Top Hat with ¼ Roll Up & Down, Exit Inverted

6)One Circle Inverted

7) Half Horizontal Knife Edge Circle

8) Four Consecutive 1/4 Rolls

9) Half Cuban, with ½ Roll

10) One Torque Roll

11)Landing Sequence