As we get additional information about the Nationals, we'll post it here.

NATS Information - From Monte Richard (Nats Event Director)


The following information is for the 2023 AMA Precision Aerobatics Nationals.  Please click on the document to display the information.  If you click the NATS logo above you'll be taken to the AMA NATS News page.  NOTE - The following links are for information that we hope to provide as it becomes available.  If you click a link and get an Error page, it simply means the information is not yet available.

Judging Assignments

Flight Orders

Semi-Finals and Finals Flight Orders

F3A Unknowns


Results will be posted after the day's flights have been completed.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Pilot Reports
Sportsman Sportsman Sportsman Sportsman
Intermediate  Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced  Advanced Advanced Advanced
Masters  Masters Masters Finals Masters
F3A  F3A Semi Finals F3A Finals F3A