Building a Pattern Plane

So you want to build a pattern plane?  Did you know that you can purchase an electronic version of the 219 page book on how to build a pattern plane?  The book was written by Bruce Thompson and Don Atwood in 1994 and is on its 4th Edition.  The techniques used in the book still apply today - in fact, the book describes why one should build a light plane and covers fuselage construction, wing construction, honeycombing foam wings, sheeting wings, engine installation, and most importantly, alignment.  In addition, equipment installation and finishing of the plane is also included.  Cost of the book is $10!

If you'd like to purchase this electronic copy (PDF) book, please click the picture to the left.  Once the purchase is completed you'll receive an email confirming the purchase - please click the link in the email to download your copy of the book.