NSRCA Hall of Fame


Purpose:  to recognize individuals that have contributed to the sport of Radio Control Precision Aerobatics (commonly referred to as pattern) as defined by the Academy of Model Aeronautics. 

Selection: Selection is based on the individual’s contribution to RC precision aerobatics, such as, but not limited to, competition, design, education, organization, publishing, manufacturing, leadership, or other related activities. Emphasis is on the accumulated contributions in these categories over time. 

Administration:  The Board of Directors of the NSRCA will determine the Hall of Fame inductees by vote. (See Voting Process) The selection of the candidates will be done by the Hall of Fame Selection committee comprised of the NSRCA Executive Board (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary) and a member at large.  The member-at-large will be selected by the president and approved by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors.   The Vice President will chair the committee and will rely on all the input from the committee members to recommend the candidate for induction. 

Eligibility:  Membership in the NSRCA is not a requirement for eligibility to the Hall of Fame.  A person is eligible for nomination if he or she has made the kinds of contributions listed in the “Purpose” statement above. The candidate must be a citizen of the USA and can be living or deceased.

Nomination: Can be made by any member of the NSRCA. The nomination can be made by completing the online form or downloading the .pdf form. The completed form should be submitted to the sponsor’s respective NSRCA District Vice President.

Nomination deadline: April 30.

Announcement and presentation:  Announcement will be in July in the NSRCA publication.  The inductees, or their heirs, are notified in advance of announcement.  The award will be presented at a national event such as the National Precision Aerobatics Championship. 

Sponsor Instructions: Please read all instructions carefully. Following are the rules and procedures. Please be sure to follow all the rules carefully since applications will be rejected if not completed properly.

Process: The NSRCA Hall of Fame nomination will need to include the following:

  • The below application.
  • A maximum of four files of biographical information. Letters of support, if included, are considered a part of these four files.
  • A maximum of two uploaded images, but at least one needs to be of high quality for publication and for use in the NSRCA web site Hall of Fame.

Tips (read carefully): The total number of files received by NSRCA cannot be more than seven. Any letters of support not included with the original application will not be considered as part of the original application.

The information provided should focus on accomplishments and how the candidate has contributed to the sport of pattern competition. This can include but is not limited to competition, pattern aircraft design, building and flying techniques, judging rules and education criteria, etc. The Inductee must have been committed toward the advancement of pattern competition. Include specific examples.

The information provided must be typed for easy reading by the selectors. If the application is not readable, it will not be evaluated.

The information provided must be brief but be accurate. Remember that sometimes less is more.

Last, any application after March 31 will be rejected and returned.

Voting Process: All nominations are submitted to the sponsors’ respective DVP or the NSRCA President by March 31. Its selections are then forwarded to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee by April 30. The Hall of Fame Selection Committee will make recommendations and forward to the NSRCA Board of Directors. The NSRCA Board of Directors will vote by secret ballot as to which candidates will be inducted into the NSRCA Hall of Fame for the respective year. All members of the NSRCA Board of Directors must vote for approval, with the exception only one dissenting vote allowed.

All rights of all information submitted to the NSRCA Hall of Fame with this application, is automatically transferred to the NSRCA.


  • Download the application
  • Maximum 4 files of biographical information
  • Maximum 2 uploaded images, preferably high quality
  • Information should focus on accomplishments
  • Explain how it has contributed
  • Type the information
  • All application are submitted to the respective DVP or President.
  • The DVP submits to the H of F committee by April 1. 

To submit your completed application please click here and then upload the completed documentation as well as any supporting documentation as outlined above in bullet points 2 and 3.  You can also click the upload documents link located on the menu to the left of the page.