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District Vice President Elections

All District Vice President positions are up for election this year!  Unfortunately only four districts have candidates - the other districts will either continue as DVP’s since no candidates have stepped forward. The board has asked those that have termed out to remain in their positions until a volunteer can be found - so please vote and only vote in the election that you are a resident.  Voting will start on December 1 and will continue until December 31, 2021.  In order to vote you must be an NSRCA member and you must be logged in.  If you are logged in and you are a member then you'll see the "ELECTIONS" menu item on the top menu - the menu item will only show up on December 1st.

Electric Powerplant Limitations


Electric Powerplant Limitations

2022 AMA Competition Regulations

Beginning in January 2022, electric powerplant limitations will allow up to and including 12s packs, 51 volts, for AMA aerobatic pattern competitions. However, FAI limitations remain at 10s packs, 42.56 volts. FAI competition in the USA is governed by the FAI Sporting Code. This sporting code states:

“Sporting Code 5.1.2.b): Electric powered model aircraft are limited to a maximum of 42.56 volts for the propulsion circuit, measured off load, and prior to flight while the competitor is in the ready box.”

AMA RC Aerobatics Rules state "The AMA Competition Regulations will be applied when the FAI Sporting Code is silent on, or does not provide guidance concerning the conduct or rules of the FAI - F3A events.".  In the case of voltage limitations the Sporting Code has a specific limitation of 42.56 volts.

Please abide by these limitations when preparing for and competing in the 2022 pattern competition season.

Renewal Time!!

Membership RenewalYes, it's approaching that time of year again... renewal of your NSRCA membership!  Don't procrastinate and wait until late in December to renew... do it now and relax! 


All you need to do is log in and after logging in, there is a "Membership Options" under the "User Menu" on the left hand side that will have your current membership and next to it will have a "Renew Now" link.  Click on it and then click on the "Renew Now: $40 per one calendar year" button.

Need to Join the AMA?

breaking news Have you joined the AMA yet?

If you haven't joined the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)... now's the time to do it!  You can do so by clicking this link - Join the AMA!

Latest K-Factor

aug19The December 2021 K-Factor is now available to download!  Members can download the issue - click the picture to the left to take you directly to the 2021 K-Factors.  If you aren't a member and have enjoyed the free K-Factors, please consider joining the NSRCA. 



Updated Sequences for 2022 - 2023


Members of the NSRCA,

The new sequences and relevant maneuver deductions for the upcoming pattern year 2022-2023 have been approved by the NSRCA board.  The updated sequences have been posted on the Sequences page. Thank you.

NSRCA Board of Directors

Click here to see the proposed sequences. 

2021 FAI F3A World Championship Cancelled

breaking news

The AMA, in coordination with the CIAM and FAI, has cancelled the 2021 FAI F3A World competition. Extenuating circumstances concerning global travel restrictions and slower vaccine rollout contributed to this decision. The AMA will bid on the FAI F3A World Championship to be held in 2025. We are told that the AMA will be given priority due to the cancelation this year.

2021 NATS Continues as Planned

The 2021 NATS continues to be planned as scheduled at the International Aeromodeling Center, Muncie, IN. The NATS dates are July 20-24, 2021. Please make plans to attend. Registration will begin soon.

F3A Team Selected

2021 Team 3Our 2021 FAI F3A USA Team members are (left to right) Grayson Pritchett, Jennifer Kimball, Peter Collinson, Jason Shulman, Andrew Jesky (Team Captain), Joseph Szczur, and Kal Reifsneider (not pictured).  They will be representing the USA at the FAI F3A World Competition, which will be held in Muncie, IN, at the International Aeromodelling Center, July 10-19, 2021.  Click the image at left for a larger picture!



Judge Certification Tests

breaking newsThe judge certification material is available for download if you are an NSRCA member!  Once you've downloaded the material and read through the documents, please take the judge certification tests so that you'll be certified for 2020-2021.  If you are not an NSRCA member, then the cost to download the material and take the test is $5 - we all think the better value is the NSRCA membership which includes the certification material and tests as well as being emailed the latest K-Factor direct to your inbox!  Join or renew today!!  Click the Judging icon above and then click on Certification to take you to the material and tests.  Easy-peasy!

Team USA Wins Gold!!

The F3A World Championship in Italy has completed and Team USA has won the Gold Medal!  In addition, Kal Reifsnyder is now the Junior World Champion!  Congratulations to the entire team!!


For additional information about the team please visit the TeamUSA F3A website.

2019 NATS Winners

2019NatsLogoThe 2019 NATS results from Blytheville, AR are available!  For the detailed scores please click here... congratulations to all the winners!


  1. Jon Dierenger
  2. Todd Nolte
  3. Justin Wells


  1. John Wolfe 
  2. Timothy Pritchett
  3. David Hayes


  1. David Snow
  2. Forrest Pilkenton
  3. Jonathan Mowrey


  1. AC Glenn
  2. Peter Collinson
  3. Greyson Pritchett

District Championship Series

2018NatsLogoIn an effort to promot NATS attendance, and to recognize those Districts that provide competitors at the highest level of performance, the NSRCA has developed the District Championshop Series (DCS) to determine a winning district at each NATS competition.  The DCS will provide the scoring system for determining the winning District, the method for accumulating and disseminating information and data, will determine the award and recognition system, keep records and archives of past performance within the confines of the NSRCA, and advise the NSRCA with recommendations, information, and guidance for future series activity.  Here is a picture of the award.  DCS Trophy



And the winner is:  District 6!!!  Congratulations!  The award was presented to D6 at the awards ceremony!

2018 DCS Final

Sequence Guideline Commitee

As most of you have heard, the BoD created a new committee called the Sequence Guideline Committee. This committee meets in even numbered years to review the guidelines, and maneuver catalog that the Sequence committee (a separate committee that meets in odd numbered years) will use to generate new sequences, and to review and vet any new maneuvers for rules compliance before they are added to the maneuver catalog.

Please click here to read more and to review some documents.

NATS 2019

Unfortunately a suitable site for the Nats in the Western US was not found in time for the 2019 event.

The 2019 Nats will be held in Blytheville, Arkansas from July 16th thru the 20th. The Blytheville AFB makes an excellent facility for hosting a traveling Nats. The Nats were held there in 2017 and made for a very memorable event. Thank you to the City of Blytheville and the state of Arkansas for again hosting our National event. The next time the Nats will be available to travel will be in 2023 as it doesn’t travel on team selection years and in 2021 the World Championships and the Nationals will be held back to back in Muncie.

2018 NATS Winners

The 2018 NATS were held last week (July 16 - 19) in Muncie at the AMA International Aeromodelling Center.  The winners are as follows:


  1. Brady Ornat
  2. John Decker
  3. Matt Griffit


  1. Forest Pilkenton 
  2. Timothy Pritchett
  3. Mark Barnett


  1. Joseph Walker
  2. Jeff Carder
  3. Chuck Edwards


  1. Andrew Jesky
  2. Jason Shulman
  3. Chad Northeast

F3P Team Selected

TeamF3P2019The team trials to select the 2019 F3P World Championship team were held in mid-April.  The results of the team selection have Dave Lockhart, Devin McGrath, Joseph Szczur, and Greyson Pritchett (Junior) representing the USA.  The F3P World Championships are going to be held in Heraklion, Crete in Greece from March 17 to March 23, 2019.  For more information, please visit the TeamUSA F3P website. 


Judging Mini-Seminars

Follow the link to access brief judging seminars that incorporate the latest rules changes and sequences.  We encourage everyone to hold a 20 minute meeting prior to each contest to ensure wenew are all on the same page with regards to judging criteria and to reinforce the principles of judging often.  


Click here for the page that contains the mini-seminars.

Team USA Reigns Supreme!

breaking newsAt the just completed F3A World Championship in Villa Gessel in Argentina, Team USA won the gold medal for the highest overall placing of all its team members.  In addition, Joseph Sczcur repeated as the Junior World Champion!!  Congratulations go to all the US team members - all four of them flew in the F3A Finals (out of 10 pilots) - Jason Shulman finished 3rd overall (his highest placing at a World Championship), Andrew Jesky finished 4th, Joseph finished 8th, and AC Glenn finished 9th in his first WC.


Click here for the official results.

Survey Results


The results of the survey that was done about 2 months ago are now posted.  Please click the following link to see the results:

Click here for the survey results.

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