Dan Curtis's Legacy

Pattern fliers have lost a pioneer in Dan Curtis last Friday, March 4, 2016. After a year of battling cancer, he finally lost.  Dan has been an inspiration to many on the pattern flying circuit.  He served as NSRCA’s District 5 VP for several years.  He won District 5 Championships on many occasions, the last being the FAI champion in 2014.  He was a master builder as well.  At many contests you could count 7 planes at the same event that Dan built.  In the days of the YS 160 engine he was most helpful in getting engines started for the newbies.  Later, he was very instrumental in getting many fliers into using the electric motor power plant for the 2m pattern planes.  He showed a lot of fliers how to set up a plane for electric flying.  Dan was on the one hand a tough teacher of newbie pattern fliers and on the other hand very supportive of his “students” .  He was very competitive and always ready to go to the judging line even when he was not feeling well.  All in all he will be greatly missed by those fortunate enough to have flown with him.

His obituary can be found at the following website:


 The Pattern Contest scheduled by the Peoria RC Club has been cancelled (June 10-11, 2017) until further notice.